A New Program for Assisted Living

Visions Assisted Living is very excited to announce its New Assisted Living Program!!  The SAL Satisfaction Surety Program!!  At Visions Assisted Living, we understand the importance and difficulty of choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one. During the process, there could be a lot of unknowns with making such an important decision.

To help make your decision easier, and to reassure you that a SAL managed assisted living community (Visions Assisted Living) is the right place for your loved one, we have developed the “SAL Satisfaction Surety Program.”  We commit to you that if you are loved one moves into a SAL Managed Assisted Living community (Visions Assisted Living), and within the first 30 days you’re not satisfied with our care and services, then your loved one can move out without being required to give a 30 day notice and will receive a full refund*.

With this program, SAL Management Group and Visions Assisted Living wants to assure you that you have chosen the right assisted living community. We appreciate your trust in SAL and Visions Assisted Living, and we look forward to serving you and your loved one.