How Do I Know When It’s the Right Time to Move Mom Into Visions Assisted Living of Mesa or Apache Junction




I get asked the same question all the time, “How do I know when it’s the right time to move my mom/ dad into Visions Assisted Living of Mesa or Apache Junction?” I finally have found an answer that I feel strongly about and this sweet lady brought me to that answer. A lot of times when it comes time to move mom or dad into assisted living people worry they are stripping away all of their independence, I know that some independence is lost, but for what gain? Take my sweet great grandma Gloria for example, she was like a lot of other elderly ladies: a widow living at her home alone, she wanted to remain fully independent even if that meant crawling down her stairs when she was not steady enough to walk down them, she stopped eating proper meals, and even tried to take her own garbage out when she knew several neighbors and family members she could call for help. After some time my grandma went to the garage to take the trash to the can and had a fall, she didn’t have a phone with her so she laid there until she was found by family, which ended with a fractured hip, hospital stay, followed by some lengthy rehab. My family and I knew it was time to move grandma into Visions Assisted Living! Although she felt like some of her independence was lost; she quickly made some friends, started eating a lot better, and participating in activities. All while enjoying her own space that was decorated like her home, and continuing to do things on her own but having the help when she needed it. My grandma never fully recovered from her fall, and used a walker to keep her steady while walking. I couldn’t help but think of how things would have been different if I had gotten her in sooner, before a bad accident. So when you are wondering if it’s the right time to move mom or dad to assisted living, think of this: Do you worry when they are home alone? Are they steady on their feet? Do they eat proper? My opinion is that though a little independence is given up, sometimes moving them in before something bad forces it actually allows them more independence in the long run! I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to give my grandma the best quality of life up til the end, which is our goal in providing care to all of our residents! If you are worried or wondering what assisted living is all about, come visit me I’m happy to fill you in!

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