How to Combat Loneliness

Senior Loneliness

As people age, we mostly think about a person’s physical health and how to combat any ailment that may be associated with aging. Physical health is important; however, a person’s mental health is also very important to keep track of. According to this article, 1 out of 17 Americans who are 65 years or older have some kind of depression. And about 68% of Americans who are over 65 know little or nothing about depression.

As a person ages they go through many changes with how they spend their time, the passing of loved ones, the diagnosis of an illness, or moving to a new home. Any of these scenarios would be stressful for any person and would be hard to deal with. Another issue with growing older is that many adults spend more time by themselves. This can be because of lack of mobility, just wanting to spend more time at home, or not having any reason to go out. This can lead to depression or feelings of depression.

Since loneliness and depression can be very bad for our physical health it is a good idea to look out for signs of depression or to find ways to prevent it from being an issue. This article gives some ideas on how to combat loneliness and depression that may help you or your loved ones.

  • Continue working on a hobby or learn how to do something else. Having something that you enjoy doing will help you feel happy and excited to work on something. Maybe find something that exercises your body and helps you feel good.
  • For some people, adopting a pet can be a great way to be more active and have more social interaction. It is also nice to have the responsibility of providing love and a home for any type of pet.
  • Having support from a friend or family member can be helpful for your loved one. Spending time together doing things that you both love can be a great way for both of you to be happy and come closer as a family. Try cooking a meal together, playing a favorite game, watching a TV show, or going on a trip to the store together,
  • Lastly, journaling can be a very relaxing and rewarding pastime. Spending time thinking and writing about past memories can make you become more mindful and grateful about life. Gratitude journaling is also a great way to become mindful about the things you have now.

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